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Hassle-Free Employee Tax Credit

From screening applicants to submitting stacks of government forms, getting credit for hiring eligible target groups can be time-consuming and complex. Let us take it from here.  

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Easily Screen Applicants

  • Identify eligible candidates before making a hiring decision

  • Keep applicants engaged with jargon-free language and information requests they can understand

  • Conveniently screen from anywhere with a mobile-friendly survey

Track Your Hiring Credit Status

Government programs are notorious for long waits and confusing correspondences.

Now you can get instant visibility into how tax credit programs are working in your business with comprehensive service from HireCredit or do-it-yourself case management through our convenient web app.
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Stay Compliant

No one has the time or energy to run payroll reports and sift through government forms all day. HireCredit’s automated system allows you to:

  • Remove the burden of manually maintaining compliance

  • Automatically import necessary data to calculate your credits by processing payroll through one of our partner platforms

  • Eliminate monthly reminders to email us reports or enter payroll data manually

Get instant insights

No more waiting months and months to get insight into how tax credits are performing for your business.

With our up-to-date dashboards, you can instantly see how much money you’re saving. Make better business decisions with better data.
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Get the Credit — Without the Hassle

Tax credit administration doesn’t have to be difficult. See how HireCredit makes it effortless.