Getting credit for your hires is easier than you think

Forget the government forms and other headache-inducing processes you’ve grown accustomed to. HireCredit makes it easier for you to:

Identify Candidates

Our elegant pre-employment screening technology identifies eligible candidates prior to hiring, as well as the credits you’d receive.

Stay Compliant

We collect the payroll data to calculate your credits and maintain government compliance, through our advanced integrations and data import technology.

Get Tax Credits

Get a break on your company’s taxes by hiring deserving people—while saving time, resources, and headache in the process. We do the work — you get the credit.

Tax credits save you money.

Hire deserving employees and get credit directly against your tax liability.

Hiring-based tax programs like WOTC and FEDEZ give you credit for eligible hires, while helping your company contribute to societal and economic growth through intentional hiring.

Not worth the hassle? Think again. HireCredit’s technology and services make tax credit processing completely hassle-free. You could save hundreds of thousands of dollars on your taxes, while HireCredit does all the hard work of dealing with government forms and payroll compliance.

Customer Testimonials

Hire deserving employees and get credit directly against your tax liability.

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“The HireCredit program goes above and beyond in identifying all possible tax credits. Not only are we able to identify which applicants prequalify but we can also see each new hire’s progression through the tax credit redemption process. It’s been great to have the HireCredit team to talk through survey performance and ways CBE can maximize its tax credit potential.”

Barb Findley, Manager CBE

“Being the CEO, it’s incredibly important to me that my business finds new ways to serve our customers. When I initially made the decision to partner with HireCredit, I was not prepared for them to exceed expectations so quickly. They really do delight in serving their customers, and because of that, we now have an exceptional, nation-wide tax credit maximization service added to our repertoire. Knowing that we are putting money back in our customers’ pockets and providing the best payroll experience to date is a fantastic feeling.”

Andy Zelt, CEO Axiom

Questions? We get it.

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